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There is a large number of consumers who still rely on word of mouth referrals when they want to buy something. Most of them start their shopping hunt by asking those around them for recommendations. On a larger scale, people rely on journalists and reputable magazines like the Consumer Report for information about products, brands, trends and so forth.

Online, consumers rely on the reviews left by fellow customers. Rather than take a risk as pioneers, consumers depend on learning about potential outcomes from other customers, preferably those who’ve already experienced something they need. Essay writing companies however lack a review system their customers can run back to when they’re looking for useful information.

Students as consumers

All consumers are entitled to enough information before they can buy something. By focusing on their education, you are not only providing them with options, but also helping them get real value for their money. Student consumers rarely read periodicals about being consumers and end up hurt in their buying circles. When students are buying essays from paper writing companies, the chances of them being scammed are high. Students need to make reading reviews about essay companies a priority to ensure that they are getting real value for money.

Why we review essay writing companies

Essay writing companies provide a very critical service to thousands of college students. But most of these companies don’t have a customer review section where potential customers can research a bit about their writers. This makes it extremely difficult for these consumers to get information they’d naturally need before buying ending up with bad experiences. reviews various essay writing companies to help the buyers (students buying from them) not only make better choices, but also avoid companies with a bad rep.

What service can you get from writing companies? Watch!

How it works

We have been collecting information about what various essays writing companies offer for years. We also constantly ask users on this website to share their view about an essay writing company they have used in the past. Because they do it in the form of a rating and a comment, we publish the later while using the former to come up with a refined list of top service providers. Our list of top service providers changes in real time as more and more reviews reach us.

In addition to this, you can also expect to see a custom written summary review for every essay writing service reviewed on this website.